Hey Mark Zuckerberg, hate this!

How to Teach Facebook a Lesson and Make a Nice Litte Profit

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing

- Edmund Burke

The only thing necessary for evil to continue is for greedy people to obfuscate and greedy companies to remain oblivious

- Edmund Burke 2.0

Proctor & Gamble, HBO, Sprint, SiriusXM Radio, Home Depot, AT&T and Purple Innovation.

1. They are all public companies with stock

2. They are all among the top ten Facebook advertisers

3. They are all continuing to advertise on Facebook and paying little attention to how hate speech is being allowed

As long as Facebook advertising continues to be profitable for these companies, there is a good chance that they will continue to advertise on the site.

Here is a chance to send a message to those companies for being complicit in Facebook not taking a stance to stop hate filled messages on its platform, but more importantly a message to Facebook.

For anyone and everyone in the world who are passionate about reducing hate filled messages on Facebook and doing something to cause Facebook to take action, do the following.

Short all the above companies’ stock — i.e. bet on their stock going down — and then en masse, boycott those companies. If you did that and there are enough of you, their stock price would take a hit and they’d wake up out of their convenient disregard for advertising on a site that condones hate filled messages. And you’d make a nice little profit.

Possibly the best way for Facebook to get the message would be the following strategy.

There are many people who complain about Facebook’s practices with regard to hate speech, racism, selling off private information, but they continue to be on Facebook because it is the gorilla in the room.

What if there were an alternative that was socially responsible, didn’t exploit privacy, etc.

Guess what? There is and it’s called https://mewe.com/ Check it out.

And here’s a way to get Facebook’s attention more directly.

1. Calling all people on Facebook who are fed up with its abuse of its responsibility to its users and exploitation to drive marketshare

2. En masse “short Facebook” and the main advertisers using it

3. Boycott using it and buying from its advertisers

4. Move to https://mewe.com/

5. Wait for its earnings to take a hit in the next quarter and the stock price to go down

6. If the above model proves successful, use to drive social change elsewhere against other “bad corporate actors” following the: short the stock, then boycott the company, make a profit and use it to fund socially conscious change.

BTW if you are black and want to truly exercise your power, don’t focus so much on your anger, instead realize that you have “block power.” And if together you also en masse decided to short companies like Walmart, and I know this will be hard, Amazon, and then boycotted them, you may have more of a lasting impact than through many of the protests that you’re engaged in.

And then you too, can make a profit and send a message they might remember.

Dr. Goulston is the inventor of Surgical Empathy, a speaker, executive coach & the author of "Just Listen" which became the top book on listening in the world.