Election 2024 — Crowdsourcing the Next President

Mark Goulston
2 min readJun 22, 2022

What would be the qualities of a President who didn’t disappoint and underperform?

For me — and I’m guessing for you — it would be someone who engendered:

1. Trust instead of distrust

2. Confidence instead of doubt

3. Respect instead of disrespect

4. Admiration instead of embarrassment

5. Liking instead of dislike

6. Hope instead of discouragement

7. Inspiration instead of deflation

And what would such a candidate need to demonstrate to evoke those positive experiences?

1. Trust — says what they mean, mean what they say and is honest even when the truth might temporarily hurt

2. Confidence — has a long and consistent track record of getting things done across a wide range of areas vs. only in a narrow lane of competence

3. Respect — declares and then stands for and stands up for values that are important to the 99% of Americans

4. Admiration — stands up against and stops others who would seek to violate those values because of their personal greed or other self-serving reasons and who is kind and compassionate when dealing with pain, loss and tragedy and is respected by other world leaders. Also is thick vs. thin-skinned and never takes things personally.

5. Liking — takes their role and responsibilities seriously, but has an appropriately self-deprecating sense of humor

6. Hope — pulls together the divided and divisive voices to commit to a shared near term and distant future

7. Inspiration — leaves audiences feeling optimistic by pushing for and accomplishing what is actually doable and also paints a vivid visceral picture of a future that 99% of Americans would want for their grandchildren one generation down the road

Would you agree with me that we should keep the above as a guide and scorecard for when we are deciding on our next President?

If you disagree, please edit any of the above to describe the President you believe our country needs.



Mark Goulston

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