Dear Elon, Tweet This

Mark Goulston
2 min readOct 29, 2022

Dear Elon,

It’s clear to the world that you have much more visionary intelligence than you have emotional intelligence.

Your visionary intelligence enables you to see the unknown as an adventure to be lived and one in which when disconnected divergent dots reveal themselves to you, you have the ability to have them convergently come together as a Tesla, a Space X and now as a Twitter.

However, one of the things that such visionary intelligence blinds you to is occasional reckless abandon that could lead to unforeseen danger that you might be better to be aware of sooner than later.

This may be especially true with Twitter because once you let some of the bad actor genies out of that bottle, it might be tough to get them back in before they wreak destruction in their wake.

Here is your first and possibly most important lesson in emotional intelligence that you might do well to keep in mind as you lead Twitter in whatever direction your visionary intelligence compels you to take it.

Fulminating grievance + impotent rage + inciting incident = Violence

Why is this important re: Twitter?

Twitter is one of the most natural petri dishes for stoking the fires of fulminating grievance, from those who feel they have been done wrong, and impotent rage, from those who feel outraged, enraged then powerless to get the world to address and redress those grievances.

Why you might want to take this into consideration is that once those three precedents to violence are unleashed, it releases a cocktail of adrenaline (excitement), testosterone (aggression) and dopamine (pleasure) that is so intoxicating to the genie of violence, that it may be impossible to reign it back in.

What might be a solution?

Before grievances become fulminating and before they even become grievances, people feel hurt, injured, upset, frustrated, disappointed and even fearful.

The sooner such feelings can be heard and heard out until such people calm down, the greater the chance of being able to have a constructive discussion and dialogue that might lead to solutions.

And dare I say “bipartisan” solutions.

That’s because underneath the incendiary rhetoric from the extremist people on the political right and political left, those individuals also once felt hurt, injured, upset, frustrated, disappointed and even fearful (and are especially fearful of not being reelected).

Almost nobody is born to hate or born to be violent. And if and when people’s inevitable hurt, upset, frustration, disappointments and fears can be heard and responded to empathically, compassionately and helpfully, they won’t have to worsen, much less fulminate.

Elon, I hope you’ll take the above into consideration as you bring freedom of speech to Twitter so that you don’t ignite more violence in the world whose fuse has already been lit.

Thank you.



Mark Goulston

Dr. Goulston is the world's #1 listening coach and author of "Just Listen" which became the top book on listening in the world