A few years back, Oprah reported on a program on Trauma Informed Care on 60 Minutes.

In the 60 Minutes Overtime segment, Oprah shared how that story was one of the most life changing in her amazing career.

When she was asked what made it so, she replied that…

As many of you, I observed the communication (including and especially the body language) between Dr. Fauci and President Trump as they became increasingly distant from each other during the early and middle phases of the pandemic.

In retrospect it seemed to parallel the rift between people who believe in…

It Really is Like Taking Candy Away from a Baby

And the candy they love and use to get the better of you and others is baiting you because you almost always take the bait.

If you’re like most people who value civility and mutual respect, sorry to inform you, but you have a Shadow in your personality of dark…

The Chance to Go from Human Doings to Human Beings

You know the story of the boiling frog? If you don’t, it describes that when a frog is in pot of water and you raise the temperature of the water until it’s boiling, the frog will stay in it, until it dies.

For decades not just America, but the world…

“He Still Doesn’t Get It” — What lies beneath?

That was the general reaction to President Trump’s recent meeting with the pandemic task force.

To be honest, that was a polite way of saying what nobody wanted to say out loud, which was: “He’s just not into it.”

Evidence for…

Mark Goulston

Dr. Goulston is co-founder of Michelangelo Mindset, a speaker, MG100 Coach & the author of "Just Listen,” the top book on listening in the world.

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